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13-15 Comics

First place: Papain, Chloe C.

Second place: Glucose Oxidase, Zander V.

Third place: Bromelain, Tiffany O.

13-15 Infographics

First place: Acetylcholinsterase, Jana A.

Second place: Carbonic Anhydrase, Tyler L.

Third place: PETase, Ainara B.

16+ infographics

First place: Lactase, Chloe N.

Second place: Ligase, TaoHeng C.

Third place: Amyloglucosidase, Nicola H.

16+ videos

First place: Glutenase, Kaian K.

Second place: PKM2, Ying C., Abigail C., Jessica L., Yvette S.

Third place: Cellulase, Youri D.