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Contest Winners

Fall 2021

13-15 Comics

First place: Cysteine protease, Daniel C.

Second place: PETase, Jessica M.

Third place: Rhodanese, Nicole N.

13-15 Infographics

First place: Nitrous Oxide Reductase, Cooper H.

Second place: Laccase, Jacob G.

Joint third place: Carbonic Anhydrase, Matthew E.

Joint third place: Methane Monooxygenase, Andrew C.

16+ Infographics

First place: PETase, Zoe G.

Second place: Soybean Peroxidase, Stephen J.

Third place: Nitrate Reductase, Kathleen V.

16+ Videos

First place: Poultry malnutrition, Daniel S.

Second place: Methane emissions, Mariam H.

Third place: Ocean acidification, Randeep N.